Bizarro Bizarro: An Anthology

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The genre known as bizarro has been up and coming for quite some time. With Bizarro Pulp Press' first anthology, filled with the totally outrageous and chaotic, it is obvious that the genre is thriving anew. Along with both seasoned veterans and authors just stepping out, this anthology has something for everyone in the bizarro world. We love what we do. And so do these authors. Meghan Arcuri, Andrew Wayne Adams, Vincenzo Bilof, Max Booth III, G. Arthur Brown, Jeff Burk, Nick Cato, Alan M. Clark, Edmund Colell, David Conover, William Cook, Christopher T. Dabrowski, Danger_Slater, James Dorr, P. A. Douglas, Ethan Evans, Randy Fox, Daniel W. Gonzales, R. A. Harris, Emily Hunerwadel, Gabino Iglesias, MP Johnson, Dawid Kain, Sean Leonard, Jan Maszczyszyn, Todd Nelsen, Daniel Pendergraft, Tony Rauch, Dustin Reade, James Reith, Michael Allen Rose, Craig Saunders, Bruce Taylor, Kevin Ward, and Wol-vriey

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