Playing with Heartstrings

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When Sienna McBride placed her baby for adoption at eighteen, she never dreamed that two years later she'd find herself falling for someone who resents his birth mother for not keeping him. A relationship that screams "baggage" is the last thing she has time for, especially with her last-chance Juilliard audition approaching. She can't afford any distractions if she's going to get back into the school she turned down because of her pregnancy. But that's exactly what new convert Aaron is turning out to be-a devastatingly handsome, butterfly-inducing distraction. One that's making her reconsider the importance of attending Juilliard. The future of their relationship rests on whether Sienna can live a lie or trust Aaron with the truth. If only she felt confident in either decision.

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Playing with Heartstrings

Author: Lydia Winters

ISBN: 0986363243

ISBN 13: 9780986363245

Publication Date: November 03, 2015

Publisher: Snowflake Press

Pages: 230

Format: Paperback

4.14 of 4

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