High Fidelity

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Do you know your desert-island, all-time, top five most memorable split-ups?

Rob does. He keeps a list, in fact. But Laura isn't on it - even though she's just become his latest ex. He's got his life back, you see. He can just do what he wants when he wants: like listen to whatever music he likes, look up the girls that are on his list, and generally behaves as if Laura never mattered. But Rob finds he can't move on. He's stuck in a really deep groove - and it's called Laura. Soon, he's asking himself some big questions: about love, about life - and about why we choose to share ours with the people we do.

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High Fidelity

Author: Nick Hornby

ISBN: 1573225517

ISBN 13: 9781573225519

Publication Date: May 05, 2005

Publisher: Riverhead Books

Pages: 340

Format: Kindle Edition

3.94 of 145,400

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