Bi-Gishkoziitwin Biidaanzhed Biidaabang (Ojibwe Edition)

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In this Ojibwa translation of "Rising with a Distant Dawn" by David Groulx, the author and the translator present a powerful and moving poetry collection which stretches across the boundaries of skin colour, language, and religion to give voice to the lives and experiences of ordinary Aboriginal Canadians. The poems embrace anguish, pride, and hope. They come from the woodlands and the plains, they speak of love, of war, and of the known and the mysterious, they strike with wisdom, joy, and sadness, bringing us closer than ever before to the heart of urban Aboriginal life.

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Bi-Gishkoziitwin Biidaanzhed Biidaabang (Ojibwe Edition).pdf

Bi-Gishkoziitwin Biidaanzhed Biidaabang (Ojibwe Edition)

Authors: David Groulx, Shirley Ida Williams

ISBN: 1926956990

ISBN 13: 9781926956992

Publication Date: April 15, 2015

Publisher: Bookland Press

Format: Paperback

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