Ring around the Rosey

Ring around the Rosey

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After tragedy rocks the small town of Danville Creek, best friends Emma Blake and Branch McKenna are ripped from the only homes they’ve ever known.

Twenty years later, they are called back to… Rosey Plantation.
A getaway shared by their parents and... the place they were all found dead.

As they get the house ready to sell, they uncover clues to a game—a handcuff key in a trinket box, eye bolts anchored into the basement wall, silk bindings in unusual places—and discover it wasn’t a retreat but a place to play.

While Emma and Branch find solace in one another, and explore some of their own dark fantasies, mysterious things start happening. Convinced they need to play the erotic game, or end up like their parents, their lives start to unravel.

Some say ghosts can haunt, but when the danger becomes real, they find themselves racing against the clock to find the killer among friends before history repeats itself.

Are you ready to play, Ring around the Rosey?

They all fall down.

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Pages: 410

Publication Date: May 24, 2019

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